The Offinso Municipal Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) as part of its sensitization drive for the quarter visited three senior high and technical schools in the municipality namely Dwamena Akenten SHS (DASS), Namong Secondary Technical (NASTEC) and Offinso Technical Institute (OTI) on National Core Values. The sensitization took place on the 9th, 21st and 22nd March 2023 respectively.



The theme for the sensitization was ‘A Discipline Ghana, My Responsibility’. The theme is to instill in the youth our Ghanaian values such as Patriotism, Nationhood, Honesty, Discipline and to promote unity and national cohesion which are positive values which endanger good character development among the youth so as to become good citizens in future.


Speaking at one of the programme held at Dwamena Akenten Senior High School on 9/3/2023, Mr. Emmanuel Oduro (Municipal Director) in his submission briefed the students on what National Core Values are. According to him National Values are accepted principles or standards that drive a nation towards development. These are values that our forefathers held onto in other to secure for ourselves political independence like Nkrumah, Kofi Annan, Dr Busia, the Big Six, etc. They fought for Mother Ghana, and were ready to sacrifice their lives for their country.



The Municipal Director of NCCE asked the students if they were ready to sacrifice their all for their country, Mother Ghana/ School. On this he touched on three core values which he called P.H.D meaning Patriotism, Honesty and Discipline. According to him Patriotism is the love one has for his/her country and we must be proud first of all to be a Ghanaian, and to do our best to promote the good name of Ghana as stated in Article 41(a) of the 1992 Constitution.



He also said a patriotic person is when one becomes emotionally attached to his/her Country and ready to protect, defend and willing to sacrifice for the Country.
He again asked them if they were ready to stand for their Country/school etc. an American president, JF Kennedy during his inaugural address as president, said “And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world; ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man’. Based on this address, he urged the student to always think about what they can do for their country to developed by performing their responsibilities/duties as citizens of mother Ghana as stated in Article 41(a-k) of the 1992 Constitution.



On Honesty, the Municipal Director explained to them as the ability to tell the truth. He said for a country to developed, citizens must exhibit the values of honesty in all its fields. He asked them if in this country, they tell the truth? Bribery and corruption have taken center stage. He admonished them to change their mindset, ways and thinking and allow honesty to lead us towards development.
Touching on Discipline, the Municipal Director referred it as the behavior in accordance with rules of conducts. The traits of being well behaved. (yes is yes/no is no) well-mannered and principled. He said Disciplined in all facets of life is important for the nation building and as youth, they are being called upon to exhibit this value to write the wrongs of our fathers by refraining from acts such as littering the environment, corruption, smoking, disrespect for the elderly, underage voting, stealing/arm robbery etc.



He further made them to understand that a discipline person is one who;
Obeys the laws of the country
Is punctual at school/work at all times
Is truthful (honest.)
Work hard at home/school/workplace
Does not steal/cheat
Tolerant to other persons
Protect public property



Bringing his message to an end, the Municipal Director reminded them that as future leaders, they have to contribute positively to the development of mother Ghana when they allow the acronym (PHD) leads them and this can be done together with peaceful co-existence, tolerance and respect. They were further admonished that the nation belongs to them and that they are the makers of tomorrow hence they should be disciplined in all facets of life and help in sustaining our democracy.
Mad Matilda Opoku, School Counselor of Dwamena Akenten SHS expressed her profound appreciation for first and foremost selecting their school and secondly educating the student powerfully by impacting in them these core values which are lacking in our youth. She urged the Commission to consistently visit them for more educational programmes. She then called on the students to be agent of change in this current dispensation.



Mad Matilda, also advised them to be sincere, just, fair, honest, decent and decorum in their language and be discipline both in private and public life.


Messres Linda Serwaa Owusu, Okoh Gustav, Adu Kofi and Serwaa Winifred Asante all staff of the Municipal Directorate Contributed immensely during the sensitization campaign.



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