GES Release Percentage Allocation for Study Leave With Pay for 2022 Academic Year

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) on Monday June 20, 2022 released an official letter with reference number-GES/HQ/SDTU/47/22, signed by Angela Frimpomaa Nkansah (Ag. Director HRMD) bringing to the notice of its eligible employees the approved subject areas for study leave with pay for 2022 academic year.

In the letter, list of approved subjects for study leave with pay for 2022 with its respective percentage allocation were stated. 60% for Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Mathematics, Integrated Science, English Language, Physical Education, and French. 30% for Special Education, Ghanaian Language, Guidance and Counseling, Early Childhood, Religious Studies (CRS), History, Visual Arts (GKA, Creative Art, Sculpture), Vocational Education (Clothing & Textiles, Hospitality management, Catering, Fashion and Design, Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, and Home economics), and Technical courses (Tech drawing, Electronics, Applied Electricity, Refrigeration, Welding, Metal work, Building Construction, Auto mechanic, Auto works, Draughtsmanship, Creative Arts, Graphic design). 5% for Government, Geography, Economics, and 5% for Music and Laboratory Technician.

Below is a copy of the letter;

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