Just In: GES discard fake news… [Check Details]

The Asokore Mampong Municipal Office of the Ghana Education Service has officially released a letter with reference number-GES/ASH/AMMEO/RQ/01/V.1/01 replying to a story which was published by on a teacher impregnating 24 girls, headmistress, and four female teachers.

Management has said that their attention were drawn on Thursday, June 2, 2022 on a publication claiming that a teacher trainee doing his internship in one of the M/A schools under the Education Directorate has impregnated 24 girls, four female teachers, and the headmistress of the alleged school.

The Asokore Mampong Municipal Education Directorate therefore wishes to inform the general public that the publication is totally false, and the Education Directorate has never engaged colleges of Education to post trainees to schools within its perimeter since its inception. Teacher trainees aren’t posted within their home regions. Trainees are posted to schools in districts within their region of studies and are mostly sent to schools that lack trained teachers, meanwhile their district doesn’t have such a challenge.

There are eight M/A schools under the Education Directorate, all of these schools are headed by males except M/A Aboabo JHS which is headed by a female who is advanced in age and is due for retirement in 2023.

In the letter, the directorate said it has the records to prove the reduction of teenage pregnancy their schools. The girls’ education unit has over the past 3 years recorded lower number of pregnant school girls in their municipality. In their open door policy, the Asokore Mampong Directorate is ever ready to provide further information and clarification on this and related matters. The directorate urges the media to contact their office when it comes to issues within their municipality.

Below is a copy of the letter;


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