Ten Technical Mistakes To Avoid As A Modern Teacher

Every teacher must take note of these.




Ten Technical Mistakes To Avoid As A Modern Teacher



1. Don’t send a student away from your class during teaching and learning as a result of bad behavior. This is because you cannot account for what the child may be doing outside and this can count against you if an accident occurs.




2. Don’t touch a learner inordinately. This is because the learner might claim he or she was abuse either sexually/physically.You may not be able to refute it.




3. Don’t give assignments you don’t have time to mark. Unmarked assignments or home work indicate that you are incompetent/unprofessional.




4. Don’t use your school internet to send confidential or private emails. They can be tracked by the school management.



5.Don’t just teach within the period given to you, especially when you are preparing learners for external examination. Do create more contact time for your students.



6. Don’t stay with a student alone in a class, laboratory, office etc. Child’s protection policy forbids it. Try and avoid “one corner” Teaching.




7. Don’t ask a child to kneel down for too long a time. He or she might have a health challenges you are not aware.




8.Don’t conspire against your school head( Head of Department, academic head etc).

What goes around, comes around.




9.Don’t be difficult educator and avoid transferring of aggression on any learner. Pocket your personal challenges and always be full of live.



10. Don’t treat students unequally. There should be nothing like favourite students.

Every child matters.

With these taken into action, we hope that the life of the modern teacher will be  a glorious one. Share to change someone and have a good day.

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